the benefits of switching to solar
Solarun - solar panel

Reduced electricity bills

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that typical solar panels can produce around 40% of a home’s electricity. That means you will need to buy less electricity from your energy supplier.

Guaranteed tax free return on investment

The Government introduced a Feed-in tariff scheme in April 2010 which pays you for all the solar energy you produce, even if you use it yourself. This Feed-in Tariff scheme was reviewed during 2012 and is now guaranteed to run for at least 20 years and to rise with inflation. It means that average installation costs can be recovered within approximately eleven years. After that you will actually be generating a profit – and that income is also tax-free. Click to see our ‘understanding the feed-in tariff’ page for more details.

Easy installation

Solar panels are very straightforward to install and do not involve any major changes to your existing electrical circuits, only the addition of some small equipment near your consumer unit and cabling to the panels on the roof.

Reduced carbon footprint

Solar electricity is a viable and very practical technology, even in our cloudy climate, and by utilising the infinite energy resource of the sun we are making a significant contribution towards the future well being of our planet. Solar panels ‘pay back’ the energy required to make them in 2 to 4 years depending on their final location and are guaranteed to continue making electricity for 25 years.

Added value to your home

Record numbers of homeowners are now installing solar systems. Home buyers will be pleased to see the electricity savings that the solar panels are providing and the potential profit from Feed-in tariff payments.
This profit can represent a higher rate of return than many other financial investments. As more and more people become aware of the benefits, solar equipped homes will potentially secure advantage in the market place.

Plus VAT is only 5% on the cost of domestic installations.