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Solarun - businesses and schools

Solarun design, supply and install solar PV systems into new-build and existing commercial premises. From conception through to completion,we provide guidance, technical expertise, design and final on-site installation.

By using the electricity produced from your solar system you will avoid paying for imported electricity from the grid. A Government guaranteed scheme will pay your business for all the solar energy it produces, even if your business uses that electricity itself. This payment is called the Feed-in tariff.

Any electricity you generate and don’t use can be fed back to the national grid for which you will receive a further payment. This payment is known as the Export Tariff.

Tariffs vary according to size of installation. We can provide realistic guidance on generation tariffs and design a bespoke solar PV system tailored to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Record numbers are now installing solar systems. This is an indication of the enthusiasm for small scale renewable energy generation.

Solarun - business and schools

Accounts will benefit from the electricity savings that the solar panels are providing and the potential profit from Feed-in tariff payments. This profit could represent a higher rate of return than many other financial investments.

The corporate benefits can be more than just savings on energy costs. As more and more people become aware of renewable energy, organisations using solar generation systems will be seen to be considering the environment and thereby projecting a conscientious green identity.

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