the potential savings

Use this 3 step calculator to see an indication of the financial benefits you could achieve through your solar installation, based on data from the Energy Savings Trust website at November 2013. The figures are averages, based on the assumptions listed below and using the latest tariff rates as published by Ofgem.

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• Your property is not a new build.
• Your property has an Energy Performance Certificate of D or above.
• The panels face south at an optimum angle for your location.
• There is no shading by trees or buildings.
• That you are typically at home for half the time.
• An average electricity price of 15.31 pence per kWh.
VAT rate of 5%
• CO2 savings are based on a 25 year lifetime of PV systems.

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Select the amount you would be likely to invest in your system. This will determine it's output power, as indicated by the slider.

The figures below show the typical savings and returns that can be achieved by your investment.

Cost of installation

Annual savings on electricity bills

Annual income from feed-in tariff

Annual income exported energy

Total annual tax-free income

CO2 tonnes saved


Plus value added to your property!